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Ninja Kids





Imagine gaining impressive skills in martial arts skills and being stronger, fitter and healthier in both mind and body. Imagine if you and your family reached your full potential and become whatever you wished to be, all while having a serious amount of fun! You can easily achieve all of this here at Evolution Taekwondo.

There are many reasons for starting a martial arts program:

  • You and your family want to learn basic self-defence skills to stay safe
  • You want to increase your confidence so you can take advantage of more opportunities at work or school
  • Your mind is too active and you or your child wants to master focus, discipline and attention
  • You and your family are looking for a fun and energetic fitness program with a great reward system at the end to motivate and encourage you
  • You see a natural athlete in your child and would like to develop that passion into something special
  • check-square-o
    You want to build or increase flexibility, mobility, agility and endurance all in the one program

With so many different schools and options out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one. However we are unique. Wholly owned and run by female Master Jodi Brown, we specialise in just the one martial arts style: Taekwondo and pride ourselves on “Beginner to Black Belt Excellence!”

So if you want to be part of an ever-growing community of like-minded people who have all fallen in love with their newfound love of Taekwondo, then we can’t wait to have you onboard!



Nathan Tiberi


Fantastic club. I love the focus and care for the kids. Building their confidence and skill base is not only Tkd skills but life skills. Jodi and the seniors are amazing, keep it up!


Carolyn Fraser


Fantastic, safe & fun environment for my children to learn Tkd.


Justin Tate


Jodie is a fantastic instructor, and has great instructors working with her. Best club around the area. Evolution taekwondo has created a very good name for themselves. The instructors and students who train under Jodie represent the core values she bestows upon them and represents Evolution Taekwondo with pride.


Chris Lakerdis


Jodie and the other instructors have been great with our kids. We had tried another local martial arts place but our eldest got too scared and didn't want to go. Jodie was very gentle and encouraging with him, and he excelled. When he got his first belt he was very excited. Now we have three kids doing it and they all enjoy it very much. Highly recommend them.


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1/6 Deblin Dr., 3805 Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61397030788

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